Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tin Ceiling Tiles

Tin Ceiling Tiles

It all started with these tin ceiling tiles that I picked up at a local salvage shop. As you can see, the tile in the middle (or more accurately partial tile) has a multi-colour patina. Not sure where these colors come from. Possibly from a reaction of the metal to a fire in the house that it was recovered from, as there was also a soot-like residue on the back and what little paint remains is cracked. Whatever the case, I love the effect.
Now what to do with it? Why frame it and hang it on a wall of course. :0) 
After I cleaned off the soot, I cut it in half and used some 'Hemp Oil' to brighten up the front of the tile.
Now to frame it...
I knew I wasn't going to find any frames to fit, so I decided to make my own. So with some stock molding that I picked up at my local 'Restore' I started.
I ended up using a molding that had a channel to slide the tile into. Not sure what kind of molding it is, perhaps something for window frames? It wasn't as wide as I wanted, so I bought some small crown molding that I could butt up against it. Then after much trial and error I got all of the pieces cut. Lots of mis-cuts since the tile wasn't perfectly square, which I discovered after. Painted the pieces with 2 coats of milk paint. (Which incidentally doesn't crack on raw wood.) Then I put it together with a few nails and mounted it on a 1/8 " plywood backing.

I used some gold 'Rub and Buff' to highlight the middle raised edge and sanded here and there to "antique it". Finally I put two coats of 'Miss Mustard Seeds - Clear Furniture Wax' and buffed it. This helps to seal and protect the milk paint.
Here is the finished project:

I am quite happy with the frame, not too bad for a beginner. Now I also have several other larger tiles that I plan to frame as well. Not sure when that is going to happen but I will post those pics as well. Ciao.

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