Monday, 6 May 2013

My Rusty Project

This is a quick little project that I want to share so you can see how awesome this product is.
Here's what I am talking about :
Modern Masters -Metal Effects
 You can use this stuff on almost anything, paper, plastic, fabric, metal etc.
The reason it works on anything is that the paint has actual iron particles that when activated will actually oxidize and rust! 
You can add as little or as much as you want, where you want. 
How cool is that!
It is also fast, simple to do, and inexpensive. Plus it cleans up with soap and water.
I used it first on some small hinges on one of my earlier projects (see: Clock Case Re-Do)

For this project I picked up a simple metal lantern at my local HomeSense store,
in the clearance section for $7.00. 
Nothing special, but it was only for an experiment and I liked the rivet details.
So here is my lantern before.

And after.

I didn't want an all over even rust, so I applied the "Iron Paint" heavily in some areas (2 coats), 
and lighter in some (1 coat) and even left a few spots bare.
I used a paint brush and sea sponge for different effects.
 Then allowed the "Iron Paint" to dry thoroughly, and applied the "Activator" with a sea sponge and old spray bottle. Let that dry for five minutes and re-applied. 
Now I watched the magic happen.
After the first application of the Activator,
before it completely dried
And the second apllication
The finished product after it had completely dried.

It will continue to rust unless you protect it with a coat of varnish.
The choice is really up to you.

I will be using this product on more items now that I know how easy and fun it is!
 Kind of addictive really!

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