Thursday, 14 March 2013

Re-vamped Sign

Have you ever seen something interesting, grabbed it to look at it more closely, then sadly put it back because there was something not quite right about it?
Sometimes that treasure really only needs a little tweaking to be perfect. 
Don't put it back on the shelf. 
Ask yourself first "Does it have good bones? Can I change it?
How much work is involved? And is it worth it at that price?"   
If the price is reasonable and you think you can do something with it, don't give up on it. Rescue it! 
After all, there was something about it that drew you to it in the first place. 

For instance one day at my local thrift shop I found this rather boring faded little tin sign with the word "GARDEN" in big chunky block letters.
 (This is the back side, sorry don't have a picture with the front. 
But it was much like this, with ugly brown lettering)

 The sign did have some redeeming features though. 
Such as the shape and the lovely embossed details framing it.

All it took was a few coats of paint (Miss Mustard Seed's - Milk paint of course).
First the blue and then the white in the center panel.

The thing that took me the longest was deciding what it should say. It reminded me of a little french cafe sign, so that's what it became. Personalized for me of course! I used graphite paper to transfer the lettering and painted it black.

 Distressed it a bit.

Then antiqued it to bring out the details of the embossing and to age it of course. 

Added some twine to hang it and Voila!
Have to say, I really do love it now. And to think I almost didn't buy it.


  1. Well laid out site. Love the ease of instruction and the beautiful results.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Julie. I really liked the 3d scrollwork on it.