Sunday, 29 September 2013


(To borrow a phrase from one of my British friends)
That's how I felt after the Vintage Fair this weekend. 

For those of you who don't know about this fair.  
It was held this past Friday and Saturday Sept.27th&28th, in the Crystal Gardens in downtown Victoria. What a great Venue! 
It used to be a swimming pool back in it's heyday, with gorgeous gardens all along the upper level, 
or so I was told by a lady who seemed to know all about it. 
Reminds me of the Great Gatsby.  
I met so many wonderful people this weekend at the show. 
All of the visitors to the show that braved the bad weather and were so friendly and fun,
the other vendors who were so nice and helpful with tips and ideas to help a newbie like me out. 
And last but not least the organizers and all of the volunteers who helped us set up and take down. 
What an amazing team! Can't wait to do it all again.
There were so many people dressed in Vintage outfits, some were doing it for the Costume Contest on Friday night and some just because they could (so cool!)
This couple was my favourite. 
They very graciously posed for me, even though I think they had lots of requests for pictures. 
Don't they look so perfectly authentic, like they just stepped out of a time machine.
(Excuse the background, I had to blur out the other people in the pic!)
Love them!

There were several booths with fabulous clothing, footwear, hats and accessories 
so you could put together your own vintage outfit. 
Everything from Mid Century Modern to Top Hats and bowlers. 
Maybe next time I will dress up as well.
Also there were some food booths and Friday night there was wine as well.
Saturday there were lots of presentations on the upper level including a Vintage fashion show.
So much fun and everyone seemed to be in such good spirits despite the torrential downpour outside.

Well, my thing is Decor and Furniture, as those of you that were at my booth saw first-hand.  
My passion is Re-inventing pieces that have lost their appeal 
or totally changing them up to make something new.

Some of the favourites were:
 the clock table:  
With the Pepper mill pedestal and floor lamp base and the smaller clock that actually works. 
This was a real conversation piece. It went to a very nice lady that fell in love with it at first sight.

                          The Suitcase side tables:

                 Which open for more storage!                                             
Had a lot of people checking these out 
and I think a lot of people will be trying this for themselves, 
which is great but just be forewarned.....
These are a lot of fun to make, but more work than you might think. 

Another favorite was the old wooden tool chest:
(with the hidden compartment). 
The number twenty-three has always had a special significance for me 
(my booth was # 23 too!)  
but as it turns out the lady that bought this cabinet also had a connection with the number 23. 
Sometimes things are just meant to be. 

There was also the shutter Headboard/Room Divider:
Had lots of people interested in this one. 
Amoung those were: a couple of Brides-to-be looking at using this in their shabby chic themed wedding, 
a lady that wanted to use it as a back drop in her shop 
and a few people wanted to use it in their home as a room divider
 and a screen to hide exercise equipment.
I actually wasn't sure that I was going to part with this piece. 
I could have used it in future shows as a back drop once again. 
Oh well, I guess I will just have to make another one if I can find the shutters!

My next post will have the pieces that didn't sell at the show, with details and prices
 for those of you who were thinking about it or needed to check with someone first.
The sales at the show were very good so there are not very many items to post, 
but I will be adding items every time I finish a new project. So keep checking back. 
Or e-mail me and let me know if there is something in particular that you are looking for. 
I may not have it but I can keep an eye out for it in my travels for new projects 
or at least I might know where else you can find it. 

Not sure yet if I will be in the next Vintage fair as the venue is a lot smaller and it is Christmas themed.   
 I will let you know here on my blog of other shows as they come up. 
There is a show at the end of November in Sydney, that I may particiapte in. 
Still have to work out the details. Stay tuned.

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