Saturday, 20 July 2013

Chalkboards, Chalkboards and more Chalkboards

Hi, just wanted to show you what I have been working on lately.
Nothing ground-breaking here but still kind of fun.
Remember that I said I had a collection of window frames? Well, I thought I should use up a couple more.
 This one is a chalkboard and a memo board. Hard to see in this photo, but the window frame color is a pale Seafoam color, similar to the ribbon I used on the memo board.
And this one is just chalkboard with a drawer pull for chalk storage.
I did both of these with the same methods as I used in the "Nautical Window Frame"post.
I also made a few other chalkboards.
With vintage silver trays this time for a completely different look.
 I tried two different types of chalkboard paint. Martha Stewart and Rustoleum's. 
This is Martha Stewarts pictured above. I was not happy with this product, it did adhere to the silver without a primer but, it did not cover well (took 3 coats) and had a shiny finish when done. 
So I broke down and spent the $23.00 to get a quart of the good stuff - Rustoleum. 
Wow! What a difference.
The Rustoleum went on beautifully, and covered in one coat (I applied a second one anyway).
I sanded and primed two of the trays before painting with the chalkboard paint and applied the chalkboard paint directly on the other two. Coverage was great on both .
As for durability I am not sure, only time will tell I guess.
If you were going to try this yourself I would recommend a light sanding over any engraved details on the tray first so the pattern doesn't show through.
Then prime and use two coats of paint, sanding in-between coats. 
I had taped off the edges on the trays, but when I removed the tape,
 the edges weren't as nice and clean as I would have liked.
Anyways, I found these adhesive gem strips that I applied around the edge to give it a cleaner look.
I added some little rubber pads to the back to prevent the tray back from marking up the wall, they also help prevent the tray from sliding around on the wall.
Then I used some wonderful satin ribbon to hang it.
You can also use a plate stand to hold the tray on a counter or table.
Here are the other completed trays:
I like the small rectangular one alot because they are great for so many things.
Labelling food at a buffet party, directing people at a wedding,
as open /closed signs for a business, etc. etc.

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